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  • Plastic Printing


    This is thin plastic film typically used for sealing food items in containers to keep them fresh over a longer period of time. Pack to many smooth surfaces & cans thus remain tight over the opening of a container without adhesive of other devices.


    PVC Shrink film is mainly used to pack various as packaging film. It has the function of water proof, seal proof and makes products bright, elegant, valued, clear-cut and transparent. Shrink packaging used in the packing of Cosmetics, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, filters, lubricants, plastic products, toys, hardware, Beverages, furniture, house hold appliances and chemical products etc.


    PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a high density film that shrinks at low temperature ranges. The most commonly used shrink sleeve material, PVC is the easiest film to control in the shrink process. It has excellent shrinkage rates, clarity, print quality, and a wide range of both shrink temperatures and shrink ratios. PVC also has high impact strength for extra weather resistance. This scuff resistant shrink sleeve material has the lowest cost, but is also less environmentally friendly than other shrink sleeve materials currently in use.


    Cap seal is one of the most commonly used item in foods, beverages, Pesticides, cosmetics industry and any products which emphasis safety, hygienic, and preservation for freshness of a product. Same as labels, it has options for printed and non printed cap seals.


    This film is suitable for packing of heavy boxes & cartons. It is also use for 6, 12, 24 bottles in one pack


    This is three layers biaxial-oriented polyolefin shrinkable film. This film provide visual appearance to the packed products. It is ideal for packing variety of products from food, pharmaceuticals, lubricant, stationary, household plastic and metal articles etc.


    Stretch film is manufactured by state-of-the-art Korean technology. It has its own adhesive properties. This film is used for Pallets wrapping. The advantages of cast stretch film are easy removal of products & can protect from moisture & dirt.


    This is a LDPE Bag with a zip on its upper side which we can open & Seal very easily by several times. Easy and comfortable lock allows to multiple usage. We are able to offer various sizes and thickness. Its basic purpose to pack screws, electronics elements, Medicines, brochures, instructions leaflets, paper clips, rubber belts, labels, post cards, nails, dusters, threads, fish hooks, gloves & surgical instruments etc. it can be used to store products and documents.


    Stand up pouches which are considered as one of the most popular packages. These pouches are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. So you will be sure to find the right bag for your products. The main feature of stand up pouches is their bellows in the lower portion. Once the bag containing product within the bellows is expanded and allows the bag to stand upright when it is displayed on shelves. Stand up bags are the best choice for packaging of various products.
    We are the perfect resort for fast, trendy and cost effective means of stand up pouches manufacturers and are decent enough to catch the attention of any customer. Now a day we offer a lot of choice in this category. There are paper standup pouches; foil stand up bags, stand up zipper pouches, etc. each of these packaging solutions has their individual significance. Our stand up packaging bags are available in both stock and custom printed options. We utilize the latest rotogravure technique for printing up to 9 colors custom printed stand up bags.

    B.O.P.P BAGS

    BOPP Bags are highly efficient and durable in terms of usage and can be made available in different dimensions, colors and size options. With the bags developed using quality BOPP material, these come with good finish appearance as well as have optimum water proofing support and dimensional stability properties.


    Non scratch film that offers stiffness. Often used in medical applications. Allows down gauging from LDPE in certain applications. Better grease barrier and moisture barrier than low density film (LDPE). Often seen in natural (frosty color) and white. Can be custom printed up to 8 colors on 2 sides. Most custom options avaiable: wickets, lip and tape, vents, hangholes etc. High Density (HDPE) is often measured in microns for thicknes